The Dukes

This page is a summary of the Dukes I have found. If you have a Duke in your family, he’s probably here – and if he’s not, I’d like to know about him! At the time of writing, I don’t know how they all connect, but that’s the point of this website and eventually, we will figure it out.

For now, if we have more information about one of the Dukes, his name will be a clickable link – hit that and you can read more details.

DUKE OF ANNAGH(born approx 1668)
This is the first Duke we found a record of. He has a pedigree on the LDS family history website and it goes all the way back to the Lincolnshire Ormsbys in the days of William the Conquerer as doe the pedigree of Duke of Cloghans/Killeena below. So if all the Dukes are connected, presumably they all also connect back to the Lincolnshire family.

b: 1748 in Cloghans
d: 1824
Father: Paul Ormsby
Mother: Mary o’ Malley
Had at least one son, Duke of Killeena

DUKE OF KILLEENA (son of above)
B: 1806
D: 1891
Spouse: Mary o’ Donnell from Rossport area near Belmullet
Father: Duke Ormsby
Mother: Unknown
This Duke was living in Killeena at the time of the first ordnance survey which we think was 1824.
Related to Rinagry Ormsbys via his grandfather Paul Ormsby. Listed as gentry in ‘Slater’s Directory of Ireland” in 1848 and again in 1881.
Two sons known:

1) George Ormsby, who married Ellen Joynt and had 10 kids, including a son Duke and a son Sam (whose grandson gave me this information) See below.
2) William Henry, who married Hannah Marie (name) in (date) in Ballycastle, and had several children, including a son “Duke Compton” before leaving for Liverpool.

Father: George Ormsby (b?)
Mother: Ellen Joynt (B?)
B: 1899
D: ?
No other information – this name was provided by a grandson of Duke’s brother Sam and this is all he knew.

DUKE COMPTON ORMSBY OF SAN FRANCISCO (grandson of Duke of Killeena)

Father: William Henry Ormsby (born??)
Mother Hannah Maria Whelan (married to Wm Henry in 1886 in Ballycastle)
Siblings: William Henry Gilbert; Adelaide Elizabeth; Frederick L.J.
Born in Ballycastle in 1896
Religion: Church of Ireland
Moved to Liverpool as a child, worked on the railways there and then emigrated to NYC around 1910? Mentioned in NY Times for having killed someone accidentally while driving a train. Then moved to SF and became head of the Muni tram system. Died in 1983 in San Mateo California. It seems that at some point, the rest of his family joined him except dad. Don’t know what happened there. Have his addresses in SF.

Parents: Unknown
We think this Duke married three times and had lots of kids. Click through for details.

This Duke moved to the US from Ireland and had a son also called Duke (see below)
B: 1798 in Ireland
D: Between 1850 and 1860 (on one census and then not on the next). On the 1850 census, they are listed as paupers.
Emigrated sometime between 1849 and 1850 [because youngest child was born in Ireland in 1849, but they appear on the 1850 US census in Oswego]
Parents: Not known
Spouse: Ellanor/Ellen [Last Name Unknown]. Also Irish, so they married in Ireland.
Kids: Duke (see below), Richard, William, Julia, Michel – all born in Ireland
Sources: US census
Next steps: Why would he go to Oswego of all places? Were there other Ormsbys there? If so, can they help make the connection.

B: 1843 in Ireland
D: ?
Parents: Duke and Ellanor Ormsby (above)
No spouse or children as he is listed as single on the 1900 census.
Appears on 1850 and 1860 census (aged 7 and 17) still in Oswego. Old newspapers indicate that his property was foreclosed on in 1870. Have not found him on 1870 or 1880 census, but then found him again in 1900 working as a day laborer.
Next steps: Try and find him in 1870 and 1880. Where did he go?

DUKE ORMSBY OF RUNAGRY & YORK (My great great great grandfather):
B: 1801, probably in or around Kilbelfad, Co. Mayo
D: 1855 in York, England
Parents: Not Known
Spouse: Mary Ann Charlton – wedding 1830 in Kilbelfad, Kilmoremoy parish, Co. Mayo
Emigrated to York between 1849 and 1851
Profession: In Ireland, he was a farmer in Runagry but when they moved to York, he was an agricultural laborer and then a general laborer.
Kids: William, Robert, James, Henry, George, Maria. Possibly more.
Other: Witness to wedding was George Ormsby. No parents names given.

B: Unknown but before 1820
Spouse kids and parents unknown
He had a ‘seat’ in 1837 listed as “Kilina in the parish of Kilfyan.” [That could be the same as Killeena, but I’m thinking not, because Killeena is in the parish of Doonfenny which was also recorded in the same report – and yet Killeena Duke isn’t mentioned in that so … confused!]
Source: Topgraphical Dictionary of Ireland 1837. This Duke is listed as having a ‘seat’ which is different from renting lands, which Killeena Duke was doing. Was this Duke richer? Or is this the same one?
Next steps: Not sure – have to learn more about the topographical survey versus the Griffiths valuation. Maybe ask on a message board if anyone knows these place names and can make sense of the information.

Born: 1847 in Ireland (don’t know where)
Emigrated to US in 1890 according to 1900 census
Lived in Fall River, Bristol, MA (32 Tremont in 1891)
Died: 1914 in Fall River
Father: Not known
Mother: not known
Wife: Married Sarah McGuire in 1862 in Rochdale, England.
Children: Thomas was born in 1875 and Mary in 1876 – both in England.

Born in Sligo, Ireland according to IGI’s record of his wedding – don’t know the date, but at least 1840 or before.
Father: William Ormsby
Mother: Sarah B
Religion: Church of Ireland
– Around 1858, he was teaching in the truancy school in Brooklyn where he earned $500 per year.
– Between 1860 and 1866, he was a deacon with the Episcopal church in NYC, but I don’t think he ever qualified to be a vicar. In 1866, he was either fired or he left because of throat problems (his story). (Again, from google books).
– In 1870, he was sued for slander according to the NY Times. The article mentions that he called the Rev Mr Price of Saint Stephens Church to testify on his behalf because he was a member of that church. Not sure if that’s where he worked because church records just show him as a deacon in New York.
In 1871, he was managing a branch of the New York post office and making $1,500 per year.
– In 1874, he married Mary Louisa Frost in Manhattan. (this could be a second marriage or a first, I have no idea). It’s just on IGI. Can’t get any more info from marriage certificate because it’s already all on IGI.
Kids: I don’t know because haven’t found him on any censuses – not one!
I may have found him serving as a chaplain in the civil war, but can’t be sure because he is listed as “DC Ormsby.”

Note: Ennsicrone Duke is also from Sligo but born later. This Duke has to be connected to tram guy (because of the middle name) and also to Ennsicrone Duke since they are the only two Dukes we’ve found who are from Sligo instead of County Mayo. So someone in their family left County Mayo and moved to Sligo at some point prior to this Duke’s birth.

Next steps: Check into father. Find out how to view NY court records to learn more about his trial. See if school or church records are still available. Look for him on censuses – ny state and federal.

Born 1865 in New York
Lived in Stockton and Fulton, Iowa
Mother: Percilla Davis, born in Ireland
Father: John Ormsby, born in England
Spouse: Married Augusta S. in New York (date?)
Children: Victor M, Frank E., Lloyd V., Austhur R., George, Henry
We know he served in the civil war because he got a pension. That’s all we know about him so far.

Full name was “Duke Hyacinthe”
B: 1869 in Enniscrone, Sligo (according to his war records).
Father: William Henry Ormsby
Mother: Elizabeth Bourke
Joined Royal Dublin Fusiliers in (date and record)
Married Minnie Hill in 1897 in Aldershot, England and had one daughter, Violet.
Married again in 1906 in or near Dublin to Annie Webster and had 3 sons, Duke Thomas, Frederick Lambert (died in childhood) and William Henry.

Born: 1867 in York
Father: John Ormsby (born in Kilbelfad, County Mayo) This is where our Duke got married, so we feel there may be a connection.
Mother: Bridget Kirby (born in Addergoole, Sligo)
Died: 1914 in Knaresborough
Married Ellen Rands (1890 in Knaresborough)
Children: Nellie, Annie, John William, Alice

Note: We think John Ormsby is possibly our Duke’s nephew. Also, the family had a son they named Duke before this one, but he died in 1867 aged one. Poor baby Duke.

Next steps: look for John’s birth on parish records via LDS


The following are random bits of information that don’t belong to any of my Dukes – or not as far as I can tell.

There is a George Duke I need to check in to. He was made a justice of the peace in Sligo in 1868. He’s also listed as a landowner here:

George Duke Ormsby, address Miltown Pass, Co. Westmeath, owned 372 acres in Co. Sligo valued at 246 pounds 12 shillings.

There is a Duke at Killeena Lodge listed in the 1901 Parliamentary Papers, but my first Duke was dead by then and his grandson was only 2, so this guy is a mystery.

There is a Duke marrying a Mary Wills in 1855 in North Mayo. I was told they had several children, but don’t have those records.

There is a Duke in Leeds in 1849, marrying a Mary Rider.

There is a Duke Henry marrying a Mary Anne Ruane in Nelson, Lancs in 1895