About This Site

This site started when I was trying to trace my great great great grandfather Duke Ormsby. During the course of researching with my mum Ann, we discovered that there are an unlikely number of Duke Ormsbys and that they all come from County Mayo and Sligo in Ireland. What are the odds that lots of unrelated Ormsbys all decided to name their children “Duke”?

So, in trying to trace our Duke, we’re going on the assumption that he must be related to all the other Dukes. This site documents what we have found so far. (And if it turns out that we’re wrong – well, it’s been interesting to learn about all these different lives anyway). If you have a Duke Ormsby in your family, chances are you’ll find him here … and if you don’t find him, we’d love to know!

Here are the main pages on the site:

The Dukes – a list of all the Duke Ormsbys we have found along with as much information as we currently have. From here, you can read about each Duke.

My Duke – information on my great great great grandfather.

My blog – notes on the search and our progress by clicking the blog link (or going here).

And if you know of any Duke Ormsbys, or anyone related to a Duke, please feel free to email me or leave a comment.


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